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 Budapest Dentists offer you the best prices on the best dental materials available sourced in Sweden, Germany, Japan and Hungary.

Budapest Dentists  incorporates AMFIDENTAL and DENTALLUX Clinics.


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AMFIDENTAL Clinic is a luxury private ultra modern dental clinic, formerly DENTALLUX, which has been developed by Dr Attila Kuncsik working with his team of dental hygienists and professional assistants.  The Clinic provides

  • the highest quality professional dental standards
  • a caring and comfortable environment 
  • uses world class technology and the most modern developments in dentistry, dental surgery and dental implants. 

Budapest Dentists specialise in dental restorations, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, bridgework, veneers and complete smile makeover. 

The Clinic is situated in Central Budapest and overlooks the historic Roman amphitheatre in Budapest. It is easily accessed from and is very close to the City centre. 


The Clinic provides an aftercare service in Ireland. 








Plastic and cosmetic surgery

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