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Crown and bridgework

Normal porcelain         €200
Zeno Zirconium Cercon all ceramic      €250
Empress pressed Porcelain      €250
Zeno Monolith unbreakable cercon CAD-CAM designed      €275


Emax Porcelain (pressed – Hollywood smile)      €250


1 surface €50
2 surfaces €60
3 surfaces €70
Neck filling €50
Crown build-up €50


Gradia €200
Emax porcelain €250

Root canal treatment

1 canal €150
2 canals €170
3 or 4 canals €190
Periodontal Surgery Open curettage inclusive of bone graft  and resorbable membrane per quadrant. €700


Nobel Replace implants €600
Titanium abutment with screw retained crown €600
Sinus lifting (bone graft /augmentation included) €700


Normal Extraction €50
Resection (Root amputation) €150
Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth €70


Fibre glass and filling €150


Acrylic Denture (upper OR lower) €450
Chrome cobalt €850
Temporary denture €250

Hygiene treatment

Cleaning + Polishing €60
Tooth jewelry
Clinical L.E.D. Whitening €250
Home whitening splint upper OR lower €100
Whitening kit €80


State of the art in dental care

Budapest Dentists will offer you the best prices without compromising on the quality of the dental materials and equipment used.

Budapest Dentists dental materials are sourced in Sweden, Germany, Japan and Hungary. All materials and equipment conform to the highest ISO standards.

Special offer

Zeno Cercon Zirconium and Emax All Ceramic Crowns the most beautiful and natural looking crowns only €250. These exact same top of the range Zeno Cercon and Emax  highest quality crowns normally retail between €400 and €500 approx in Budapest and at more than €800 in Western Europe.

Our dentists will offer you the cheapest prices for cosmetic restorations in Budapest.