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If you require dental treatment in the area of reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry such as dental crowns, bridges, implants and veneers, if you wish to discard your dentures and replace them with top class professional bridgework you will make huge savings if you travel to Budapest  Dentists to have your dental treatment.

Case Study 1: six crowns and two root canal treatments

The cost of this treatment in Western Europe would be between €5500 approx (6 x €750 + 2 x €500) and €7000

In Budapest Dentists you will pay  €1400 (6 x €200 + 2 x €100)

You will save between E4000 and E5500 approx. on your treatment

Case Study 2: four implants inclusive of crowns and superstructures.

The cost of this treatment in Western Europe could be €10000 approx. (4 x €2500)

In Budapest Dentists you could pay €3550 for 4 Alpha Bio implants

You would save E6000



Additional information.

It would not be economic for a patient to travel to Budapest to have extractions and we will always advise that if you need an extraction you should have it done at home. You will need to wait for 8 weeks until your gum will have healed before you travel to Budapest for crowns and bridges and 4 to 6 months before you can have an implant.

It is possible that the implant could be placed at the same time as the extractions which would speed up the treatment process .