Dental Implants

Dr Kuncsik only uses the Nobel Biocare implant system.


The Nobel implant system is the original implant system. It’s ongoing development and design has lead to it being recognised as the best system available in the World. The implants carry lifetime guarantees.


There are other cheaper systems available but the Clinic will not use them as they cannot guarantee their quality and longevity.


These implant systems carry a lifetime guarantee.


Porcelain bridgework on dental implants by Dr. Kuncsik for a patient who had lost all of her teeth.

Dental Implant

Price list

The price of the Nobel Replace implant is €600

Implant Prosthetic system

Combined Crown and abutment screw retained system

This is the most modern replacement system and is recommended over the historic system where the crown was cemented and bonded on to the abutment. The major advantage is that if a crown ever needs to be replaced the crown and abutment can be unscrewed from the implant, modified and replaced. Formerly and particularly with bridgework, the whole system had to be deconstructed. Not only is this new system more economically viable from the point of reconstruction but the time frame for the work is also significantly reduced.


This system also allows for an extended guarantee.


The price of the screw retained combined Nobel Biocare porcelain crown and abutment unit is €600.

Implant healing abutment and surgery cost €50 per implant


The total price of an implant using this Implant system is €1250


These prices are inclusive of all x-rays, medications and surgeries. There are no hidden costs.

The entire implant process takes four months and 2 visits to Budapest.


The time spent in Budapest during the first visit is 2/3 days.


After placement, the implants are allowed to bond with the jawbone for 4 months. During this period it is possible to wear dentures.


Once the dental implants have bonded the second phase of the procedure begins. At this time, the surgeon attaches small posts/superstructures to the implants to which the crowns are fitted. This visit lasts for 6 working days.


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Special offer

Zeno Cercon Zirconium All Ceramic Crowns the most beautiful and natural looking crowns only €250

These top of the range Zeno Cercon crowns normally retail between €400 and €500 approx in Budapest and for up to €1000 in Western Europe.

Nobel Biocare Replace system