Teeth Whitening

Budapest Dentists offer two teeth whitening methods.


L.E.D. ”Beyond” Whitening only E200.

Dr Kuncsik will whiten your teeth on consecutive days to ensure that you get the perfect white finish


Home whitening

The “Indirect” method. This is self applied by the patient in their own home. In this case Dr Kuncsik takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth from which the technician makes the upper and lower whitening splints/trays. The patient purchases the teeth whitening material that is used called “Vivastyle “. The patient fills the splints with this material and has to keep it in his/her mouth for 1 hour every evening for about a week. This gives an excellent result, and has the great advantages that the patient can repeat it when the teeth begin to discolour. The patient can continue the bleaching until the perfect shade is achieved.  There are no repeating costs other than the cost of the teeth whitening kit as the whitening splint will last for many years.

Dr Kuncsik does not offer this treatment for patients, who have a really sensitive tooth-surface or abrasions, as this can increase this sensitivity of the teeth.

The whitening splint costs €80 Euros per piece, totaling €160, the whitening kit costs €90 Euros, it contains 8 sachets of whitening material and some accessories.

Useful information

It is important to know that the whitening materials whiten only the patient’s own teeth, and will not whiten crowns, veneers and fillings.

Before the bleaching procedure each patients has to have a thorough professional cleaning and polishing in order to achieve a perfect whitening result.

The whitened teeth usually revert and regrade to the original colour they had before whitening after about 6 months, so the bleaching has to be repeated. At this stage the patient may chose to use the whitening splints.