Q: Why should you be treated in Budapest?

A: Because you will receive high quality dental treatment and save a lot of money while you enjoy the wonders of Budapest, one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.

Q: How much money will I save on average?

A: Let’s take an average example.   If your dentist  says you need twelve crowns or units of bridgework  at €800 per crown it will cost you a total of €9600 .

In Budapest that would cost €3000 or £2400, a saving of €7000 .

Q: Why is our dental treatment so affordable?

A: Hungarian cost of living is much lower than in other EU countries so the savings on the same quality materials and the labour cost saving are passed directly on to you. Due to price and labour cost deflation in Hungary prices have been reduced since last year and the savings have been passed on to our patients.

Q: How can I speak to my Hungarian dentist?

A: Our dentists speak  English.

Q: How long will my dental treatment take?

A: You will need to stay 5 working days for crowns, bridgework and veneers  Budapest dentists work Monday to Friday inclusive.

Q: Where else do people come from to Budapest for dental treatment?

A: From all over Europe. Mostly from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the U.K and Ireland. Patients also travel from Israel, the U.S. and Canada.

Q. Do you offer consultations in Ireland and in the U.K.

A. Our dentists will not offer consultations abroad where they cannot access proper technological and diagnostic equipment. They would not be confident in the advice that they would offer in such circumstances.

They will only offer consultations in their own fully equipped surgeries. They need to have access to the technological and diagnostic equipment which is essential when offering a patient a complete professional opinion and treatment plan.

If aftercare is required the same high standards must apply.

Before you travel to Budapest we advise that you consider having a consultation with your own dentist to establish the treatment that you may require. If you require a large amount of treatment we will deduct the cost of this consultation from the cost of your treatment plan in Budapest.

Alternatively we will offer a consultation and x-ray free of charge in Budapest in conjunction with your restoration work.

Q: How can I get to the hotel and surgery from the airport?

A: We can provide a free return courier service for you from the Airport to  your Hotel .

Q. Where is Amfidental Surgery ? Is it in the City?

A: Amfidental Surgery is centrally located in Budapest

Q: How far is the airport?

A: Budapest Airport is 15 km (20 minutes depending on traffic) from the city and from the surgery.