Our Dentists

Dr Attila Kuncsik  Amfidental Budapest


Dr Kuncsik is a graduate of Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Szent-Gyorgyi Albert Medical University, The University of Szeged.

Dr Kuncsik is a Medical Dentist and Implantologist who specializes in Dental and Oral Diseases and in Conservation and Prosthetic Dentistry. He is a member of the Association of European Dentists and is qualified to work in all European countries

His surgery specializes in aesthetic cosmetic dentistry creating perfect restorations and complete smile and dental makeovers.

All treatment is guaranteed in accordance with the highest European standards. All of the materials are ISO conforming, guaranteeing the highest quality of dental work

Dr. Kuncsik’s Clinic Location

Amfidental:Dentallux Clinic is situated at the junction of Lajos Ave and Nagyszombat St and overlooks the historic Roman amphitheatre in Budapest. It is easily accessed from and is very close to the City centre.

The Clinic is located at 3 Nagyszombat St,  Budapest1036.