Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Greg Pataki is a Medical doctor, a board certified specialist in surgery and in plastic surgery. Dr. Pataki was trained in the Plastic and Aesthetic Departments of the Military Hospital, and other Private Clinics in Budapest as well as in Germany. He recently leads the Outpatient’s Clinic for Plastic Surgery at the Pediatric Surgery Department at the St. John’s Hospital, Budapest.  Dr. Pataki is also responsible for a private practice Clinic, a center for excellence, where he specialises in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Budapest and Germany. Dr. Pataki founded his private clinic in 2010.

Dr. Pataki received his medical degree from the Semmelweis University ( Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)), Budapest in 1999. He completed his general surgery training and plastic surgery residency in Hungary and in Germany. He was board certified in both specializations.

Dr. Pataki has also trained and practiced in  plastic surgical clinics in Western Europe, the USA and Brazil.

Dr. Pataki is member of over 10 medical Associations and Societies, including, 

  • the Hungarian and the German Societies for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • the Hungarian Society for Hand Surgery
  • the German Society for Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • the Hungarian Burn Association 
  • the International Society of Plastic-, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • In 2009 Dr. Pataki was founding member of the European Plastic Surgery Research Council.
  • From 2002 -2004 he was also president of the Hungarian Residents’ Association.
  •  He was Member of Board of the Ethical Committee of the Hungarian Medical Association 
  •  is Board Member of the Semmelweis Alumni Association .

With Dr. Pataki’s over 10 years of professional experience, he has published in scientific journals and given presentations in many countries. He tutored and tought English and German speaking residents and medical students at the Semmelweis University.

Along with his career in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Pataki does philanthropic surgical work on children with birth defects and on others suffering from trauma or cancer. This work gives him tremendous personal satisfaction.
All plastic surgeons in Hungary are trained in accordance to the UEMS standards (European Union of Medical Specialists) and Hungarian plastic surgeons are members of the HUPRAS (Hungarian Plastic, Recontructive and Aesthetic Surgical Association) and the IPRAS ( International Assoc. for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgical ).

Dr.  Pataki has been awarded  Professional Memberships in following Associations :
1999- Hungarian Medical Association  
1998- Hungarian Society for Hand Surgery 
2003- Hungarian Health Society    
2003- Medical Association of Westfalen-Lippe
2006- Medical Association of Nordrhein
2005- German Society for Surgery
2005- German Society for Minimal Invasive Surgery
2008- Hungarian Burn Association
2008- German Society for Plastic Surgery-Associate Member
2009- Hungarian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
2010   Aesthetic Division of the HUPRAS
Dr.  Greg Pataki speaks fluent English, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.